Back in August I made a post  about our upcoming bathroom renovation and finally here are some images of the completed space.  It hasn’t been the best of projects, in fact its been our smallest and our worst managed renovation to date, which is disappointing considering the cost.  Not having an abundance of time we opted for a Project Manager, though in hindsight, (being a wonderful thing), we acknowledge we would have been better off taking a little time and overseeing the project ourselves to get the outcome we desired.  So, my word of advice; if you have the slightest hesitation in your gut about the company – find another one – pronto!  All that being said we also had some very talented Trades who were very respectful of our property and extremely easy to deal with.  And so, with many a twist and turn this project remains visually finished though behind the scenes it still has a way to go.

Following a ensuite being added three years back. (which we still love), we decided to keep the general colour scheme and products the same to provide continuity.  We gibbed in the TGV ceiling to create more light and the illusion of space.  The walls are fully tiled in Gloss White 300×600 tiles with a  feature wall of Gloss White Textured tiles.  The shower was to be a walk in but due to my lack of faith in the design I opted to close it in, however it still has a seamless effect due to the level entry.  The floors are tiled in 600×600 Charcoal tiles.  The ceiling and joinery are painted in Resene Alabster.  The bath is by VCBC, Form, in Natural Stone Composite. Tapware by Methven and Vanity and Mirror Cabinet by St Michel.

Take a look here to see the before shots, and below to see the new bathroom.


Replica Tolix stool from Freedom, Chamadorea Elegans in Hemp Basket, Citta Design Bath Mat


Circular Hemp Rug from Little Eclectic, also available from Design Beat


Ashley & Co Soap and Candle from Collected, Ziporah Hand Towel in Mint and Grey from Superette, Citta Design Bath Towel in Black and Grey


Seamless effect with Recessed Lighting, Mirrored window glass for privacy with a built in secure-stay for security. White Orchid in Silver Uashmama bag from Collected.


Hanging Vase from Paper Plane, Textured wall tiles from Tile Depot

We knocked out a wall and combined the toilet into the bathroom, thus creating a new recessed entry into the bathroom making for more privacy.


Print from Sealoe, Hanging Vases from Paper Plane, Wall Hooks from Green with Envy, Plant and Planter from The Warehouse.

By combining the toilet into the bathroom and moving the door I managed to create more wall space… Yay… time to hang some more prints!


G Print by Playtype, Cest la Vie by Blacklist and NON! by Cooee Design. All framed by Factory Frames.

The new white and bright effect inspired us to do a quick make over of a smaller upstairs bathroom, with a coat of quarter Pearly Gates and a little accessorising the wee bathroom looks fresh and new.


Custom made Floating Shelf from Mood, Apothecary Bottle from Paper Plane, Dipped Ceramic Bowl from Freedom, Shaving Mirror from Ikea


Pocket Wall Planter from Collected with Succulent

 Projects should be exciting and the end should herald a sigh of relief mixed with pride and contentment of what you have achieved, make sure this is so with your project by following these tips…

Project Managers can be good but sometimes its easier to communicate with your trades people directly.

Ensure your bathroom is fully insulated; ceiling, all walls and under floors.

Try to keep some continuity with your other bathrooms, whether by colour or products.

Make sure you are home when important things like hanging vanities, installing tapware or lighting are about to happen.

Check your product orders as soon as they arrive on site to make sure they are what you chose.

Even if your project doesn’t require council consent the Trades people still have to comply with building code.  Make sure you understand the requirements and check every step.

Don’t let Trades people leave until you have fully inspected their work… they may not return.

Ensure you have all the product warranities and beware; if any damage occurs to your products during install your warranty will likely be invalid.

Bathrooms need ventilation; secure stays on your window will allow fresh air to circulate keeping the room dry.

A view from your bathroom can be achieved by using mirrored glass to ensure privacy is maintained, this will eliminate the need for blinds or shutters.

If your bathroom is monochrome use plenty of texture; rugs and towels help soften echoes in fully tiled bathrooms.

When using a mirror cabinet recess it into the wall where possible

If your budget allows always fully tile your walls, the effect is seamless and will stand the test of time. 

As with kitchens white is the best paint colour for your bathroom.  See here for some advice on choosing the right white.

Bathrooms are expensive, try not to follow a trend with costly items such as your fittings and your tiles; rather use soft furnishings and accessories that take your fancy and can be changed with little impact on your budget.

If you don’t have a lot of space hang a floating shelf, Mood will custom make to your measurements and colour.

Use baskets, bags and crates for floor storage.  By using a wall hung vanity you are adding to your floor space which makes your bathroom appear larger and gives you extra space.

Lastly, add plants, they tend to do well in bathrooms and look amazing.

Good luck!x



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