The idea for ‘my little house’ was created from the basic sketches by a dreamy six year old.  The jumble of squares, triangles and rectangles that somehow came together to create the little house we all hold in our minds eye.  However it wasn’t long before floral tie back curtains appeared in the edges of all four square windows and a knocker sat right in the middle of the front door.

Later there was an internal view; the living room on the bottom floor with its fireplace, a picture hanging squarely above and kitchen with all its little plates lined up on the dresser; stairs climbing to the next level where the bedrooms housed pretty beds and bedside tables, flowers in a vase and even a rug with a fringe.

Outside, the garden had a neat path, a tree with a swing and flowerbeds lining the front door.  The chimney of my little house smoked continually, even against a  blue and cloudless sky!

Now I have the real thing.  The grown up version of my little house.  A bit more practical perhaps, but still just as beautiful; my very own jumble of squares, triangles and rectangles.

Writing stories about my little house and sharing decorator secrets has become a passion and sharing your beautiful products or related services would be a pleasure.

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