Rewind 8 years and all I can remember is being cold, very, very cold!  It was late April and possibly the wettest April in history.  The back end of our house had been removed and we were exposed to the elements; rain and wind were no longer things that happened outside the house, they joined us inside, literally freezing us to the bones!  A beanie had become a staple requirement for night and day wear and the three of us were holed up in our bedroom; the only room not affected by this (did I say crazy) idea of a renovation!  We all got sick, and I mean sick, the variety of flu where you cannot get out of bed for a few days.  While we all lay there the builders hammered, plumbers plumbed and electricians wired all around us!

I nearly left.

I vividly remember wondering what we had done and would it ever end.  It did end however; in late August the builders, plumbers and electricians packed up, the weather was safely contained outside, new furniture was purchased and delivered, the smell of real food eminated from our gleaming new kitchen, the larger living area let us spread out, a new bathroom; while not in the original budget was installed and most importantly there was an extra bedroom for Nik!  We suddenly forgot the hell we had just lived through and started talking about another renovation!  Looking back I think either the cold or the flu affected our minds!

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