And so it began my one-sided love affair with my little house, I say one-sided because I’m not sure it loved me back!  While I primped and preened and agonised over fabrics and accessories, while we worked in the garden; planting on one side and chopping back on the other to expose the gorgeous views, while we painted the exterior and finished off endless little jobs left over from the renovation; my little house just seemed to cause us grief!  Trees would fall knocking out power lines, the water tank emptied as soon as it filled, the septic tank and all its contents were making themselves very well known, the water pump gave up the ghost, the meter box didn’t like to give us hot water, the sun deserted us for two months of the year preferring to hide behind our neighbours ever growing border trees and life got busy and sometimes complicated and sad as it often does.  Yet with all this I remained faithful to my little house, while I’m sure others would have run a mile, preferring life in the suburbs with all its power and water filled glory!

But now as we’ve upgraded the septic lines, the trees have become fewer as the wind or the chainsaw claims them, the meter box is renewed, and a whizz bang water pump is installed making my visits under the house less frequent, even the council appears to have acknowledged our existence with a new road and actual gutters!  So life seems to get a little easier and I can feel the beginning of an equitable relationship with my little house.  He who likes to save money actually can begin to save money and me, well, sometimes I just sit and think about all that has happened since that early Friday evening in September 2005 when we drove up the drive of Number 7 and fell in love! x

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