Bedside Beauty


I am searching for the perfect bedside table.

Though it cant just be a table can it – we need to store things – important things like face creams.

My client brief is simple; it needs to white and it needs to be different from a normal bedside.

So I’ve narrowed it down.

I wonder if Goldilocks had trouble with the bedsides during her foray into the little house in the woods?

Anyway these are my pickings to date…

Love this because it floats and well who doesn’t need a floating bedside table?

And a little nostalgia – this totally looks like something my father would have knocked up in a few hours on a weekend while I watched on. Love!

The perfect bedside

My Little House 

And a classic of course – the design winner you can’t help but love especially if you were born in the 1970’s!

But my money is on the Diamond Bedside Box – which one would you chose. Goldilocks?

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