Boys Boys Boys

If you have a teen boy you will understand this post!  Sometime around that 15th birthday your gorgeous boy moves out and a goat moves in!  Seriously, I don’t want to scare you but you have to know what is in store for you.

1) he eats and eats and eats… all those worries you had when he was little about his eating habits are gone, gone, gone.  Now your only worry is making sure you have enough food in the house!

2) he smells… somewhere along the way he changes from that gorgeous smell of earth, washing powder and shampoo to something I am not sure I can describe; its not exactly bad but its not… fresh!

3) he hibernates… oh I know goats don’t actually hibernate but they are solitary.

4) he is untidy… so lots of easy to access storage is vital; you will learn that as long as you cant see the mess you can handle it.

5) his habitat is of little importance to him… A teenage boy may spend alot of his time in his room but the rooms décor is not high on his list.  Gone is that control you had from his baby-hood to his pre-teen years, where his bedroom was pinterest gorgeous and you kept the door wide open even inviting your friends to have a look.

So ta-da, I give you a quick make over that will keep everyone happy – well a teen boy doesn’t really do outwardly happy but inwardly he will be beaming!

OB-Boy-Teen room

Storage cubes by Target, Check blanket by Jamie Kay, French Industrial lamp from Trademe, Hemp rug from Shut the front door, Butterfly replica chair from Let Liv, Hang it all and wooden stool from Mocka,  Karlson Clock from Let Liv, Replica Componobilli from Mocka, Crosses Storage Sack from So Beau Baby, Geo Lion Print from Collected.  Colour Palette by Resene.

Oh and I seriously recommend a diffuser of some kind, this one works a treat and is teen cool.

I wish you well for those teen years ahead and don’t worry, he comes back to you eventually in human form x

PS. You can paint your hang it all to whatever colour you choose, also the wooden stool looks fab with either painted black legs or top.


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