I don’t get out to shop much these days in person, online seems to have taken over for me, sad but practical, if not a little dangerous as well!

Yesterday, however I was out and about and during my coffee stop I spied these gorgeous patterned tiles.

I love the yellow accent stools the designer has chosen for this café, they compliment the grey beautifully without detracting from the wonderful patterns.

Now this got me thinking; haven’t I seen a press release of these tiles somewhere?  In my busy little inbox?  Yes!

The Tile Depot has released this range of beautiful patterns and colours, a little Spanish, a little Morrocan and a little rustic, these tiles don’t need to worry about trends; they are timeless, hey, they’ve been around since the 13th Century, that’s really saying something!

Cementina Posa 4 _floor 5_wall

Cementina Colours

Cementina Black and White 200x200_2

Cementina Posa 1 200x200_2

Heritage Exagona decos

Cementina Black and White 200x200

I only blog about products I love and I have to say I am loving these.  Take a look for yourself here


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