I love Stuff!

I love stuff;

lots and lots of beautiful stuff,

and when I go into homes I can see how much other people love stuff too.

And while we could all do with a de-clutter sometimes getting rid of that precious stuff is just not going to happen.

The “what ifs” and “but I might need it one day” come at me thick and fast and I too have to admit to a loft full of that stuff that I am pretty sure one day I am going to use.

But I ask you; How good would you feel if you came home to this?


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Pretty darn good alright!  Of course there are lots of other reasons that makes keeping our stuff the only option; when getting ready to sell, whilst building or during a renovation or after downsizing.

So here is what to do.

Start room by room and create 3 areas:

Need to Keep,

Need to Donate,

and Need to Throw Away

Make sure you have sufficient storage boxes – this is for your Need to Keep Stuff

Make sure you have good cardboard boxes for your Need to Donate Stuff.

And of course Bin Bags for your Need to Throw Away Stuff.

Work methodically through the room; drawer by drawer, cupboard by cupboard and m2 by m2;

Use the 5 “W” questions to ascertain what you should keep:

What is the room used for?

What do I need for the room to be used for this purpose?

What haven’t I used in the last year?

What things make me happy?

What things annoy me?

And there you have your answers – simple!

So now you’ve sorted your stuff lets talk about storage…

The garage is a no-go zone; he who likes to save money is not at all partial to me foisting all manner of stuff in his man-cave!

I have a loft; mine has easy access from a bedroom with no ladders to negotiate so it works quite well, however, I don’t recommend hoisting large tubs of stuff and unused furniture up ladders!

Storage Containers are a good option but loading up the car and driving backwards and forwards to deliver your precious stuff is not so take a look here for a simple and affordable solution.


A narrow entry way has enough shelf and basket storage to remain clutter free and naturally beautiful.

butterfly chair

A calm welcoming nook with a simple table to accommodate precious accessories
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Clutter without chaos. Everything is at the ready on this open shelf kept tidy by sorting into categories, like a library of your stuff.
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A peaceful sleep space with beautiful but functional storage
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A calm considered living space with low wall storage for media bits and bobs. Even the fire wood has a spot and looks orderly in its placement
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An organised cooking space. Plenty of cupboard space but beautiful items can be shown off on the bench using trays and canisters to create order
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sideboard love

A creative yet clutter-free space. Side boards are seriously chic, a surface for display and great cupboards for the less than beautiful stuff to be stored.
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This is a sponsored post for the clever Smartbox.  All your precious stuff will be in safe hands I promise! x

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