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Old homes have their idiosyncrasies; the not-quite-level floor, the mismatched skirting boards and the somewhat annoying lack of plugs.  All of these can be lived with or fixed quite easily, but perhaps the most annoying of all is the lack of built in storage.  Creating extra cupboards means you lose floor area and so often it is up to the dweller to find extra space by using clever little methods that adds both an aesthetic and practical element.

This little nook was created when I combined my toilet and bathroom into one room.  Rather than two doors off a wall I recessed the wall inwards and added the now only one door into that space.  This gave me a lot of extra wall space, more privacy for the bathroom entry, as well as a little nook; these little spaces make for a much more interesting floor plan.  The bathroom space has not been compromised as the toilet is still where it sat originally, you just get to it a different way.

On the new found wall space I have hung Muuto Dots; these are functional as well as beautiful, the Le Sac en Papier holds all my paper recycling and the Grey Felt Box holds a pile of magazines underneath the plant.  The hanging Boule Basket can be home to anything you fancy.

 Nooks and Storage

Opposite, the narrow Bench Seat holds an area for keys to be stored, a place to sit and a storage area for baskets or shoes underneath if desired.  The leather strap provides additional hanging.

Nooks and Storage

There are also some things that you just don’t want seen.  Behind Kate Moss’ very beautiful face is our not so beautiful Power Switch Board!

Muuto Dots from Bauhaus; Felt Storage Basket from Citta; Boule Basket from Gathered; Leather Strap from Lewis and Lou

Also take a look at the clever storage solutions from Made of Tomorrow.

Photography and Styling by My Little House

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