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Organic interiors are becoming ever more popular.  The ability to repurpose, reuse, or adapt items to fit into your home is at the heart of this design aesthetic.  Items claimed from the land such as crafted wooden furniture, clay pottery, plants and foliage, skins, furs, baskets, linen and weaving feature heavily and an emphasis on living simply is key.  Colour doesn’t feature in these homes, though even without the warmth is evident through the timbers and layers of texture.  Typical of true Scandinavian homes in their neutrality and pared back beauty they simply make a statement.

A true organic home will not only call to nature in its design but also in how the dwellers live; organic seasonal food and a green lifestyle giving way to natural cleaning products and simple cleaning methods is key to its success.

I cant claim to be wholly organic in my design aesthetic but I have enough of the elements to call myself perhaps organic modern.  So if you cant alter your whole home but just want a few touches take a look below at mylittlehouse.


 I had this weaving custom made by Woven by SaraJo.  The warmth oozes in the textures and layers of this little sitting space.

organic1This lovely wee bowl is from Blackbird Goods.  It provides such an unusual texture to incorporate in vignettes.

organic5I am lucky enough to have natural timber elements in my home like this staircase.  The large hide is from The Cowhide Company.

organic6This dropside table is from Paris.  It sits in my entry and atop plants add life and form.  The wooden shoe last reminds me of my father who was a shoe manufacturer.

organic3This vintage trolley provides a place for seasonal fruits and vegetables right by my kitchen.  Vintage does not mean organic but most organic homes embrace a vintage element.


Add in natural elements even in the most utilitarian spaces.

organic8This photos looks wholly modern in its white and nudes.  However the leather journal and vase combined with the wood and metal from the lamp provides an organic element which cant be ignored.


Think about natural elements and good ways to recycle.  These paper bags from France are attractive and reusable.


The butterfly chair is usually a staple in most organic homes, and an ability to connect with the outdoors is crucial.

organic9Shades of grey adorn this functional sitting space, the little library even has an old ladder to reach the highest shelf and whilst not in use it houses my ever-growing collection of houseplants.

Items such as feathers, antlers, concrete bowls, old sheepskins, leather strap handles, balls of twine, baskets, brass or nickel ornaments are typical and cheap items to help add the organic touch.  If you are looking for a complete makeover the key is to keep it simple and neutral.  This moodboard conveys a light modern organic look without costing a fortune.

OB-organicmodernMy favourite shops for this look are Blackbird Goods, Everyday Needs The Foxes Den ,  Indie Home Collective and of course Trademe.

Don’t forget to water all those houseplants! x

Photography and Styling by My Little House and Interior Design by Crush.


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