Pretty in Pink

When I was little my father used to call me Pinkie, at the time I never really knew why but now that I’m all grown up I can identify pink as my favourite colour even though its not highly visible in my wardrobe or my home.  It does bring back fond memories of my childhood and as my father passed away far too early the colour pink has that special place in my heart.  Its the colour of true love and of nurture, it calms the senses and the soothes the soul.

Take a colour wheel tour of these homes with hints of pink and see how they make you feel.


via myscandinavianhome

The chair links with the flowers and gives that touch of warmth



Just a vase and a cushion make a statement in this pretty room.


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A touch of blush pink, subtle and comforting.

pastel sfgirlbybay

via sfgirlbybay

Simple accents but no doubt that pink is the colour of love in this little house.


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A brave accent, not my cup of tea but don’t you admire the owner for making this statement?


via mylittlehouse

Probably one of the most interesting styled living room Ive seen.


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The Moroccan pouf combined with a hint of pink in the cushion gives a little warmth to this space.


via desiretoinspire

The pink is the minority colour but it takes centre stage in the dining space.


via nordicday

Pink and Grey are perfect partners.


via Pinterest

A little pink on the exterior warms the dull brickwork.


via mividabonita

This print makes a striking statement.


via stylemepretty

Of course a little girls room can handle a pink wall!

And so whether you fancy Nude, Blush or a Brighter Pink there are some beautiful selections of homewares out there for you.  Combine all these shades with white, grey and copper for a stunning finish.

OB-pretty in pink

Could you add a little pink to your little house? Yes?  No?  Maybe?  I have a little and it is lovely.  Oh and if pink is your favourite colour you are sensitive to the needs of others, warm and approachable and love to nurture; see why its calming?!



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