There is something about those long lunches with girl friends; the conversation never dies, the laughs are quick and sometimes even the tears.  Those lunches are special, each one marked, noted in my memory bank.  Remember when…

This one we had Sangria.  We talked, laughed, shared and that drink now has a special place in my memory.

So, a recipe is in order.  Sangria is Spanish, traditionally made with Red Wine.  I prefer White or Rosé. I’m not interested in adding sugar syrup, the wine has enough sugar, so here is my own Sangria Recipe… remember when…

White Wine Sangria

Into a jug put a good amount of ice

Add sliced lime, apple and orange

Squeeze the juice of one lemon and one orange into the jug

Pour in a bottle of Pinot Gris

Top with Soda Water and Thyme (or any herb of your choice).  Stir with a muddler spoon.

Sangria Recipe

sangria recipe

Rosé Sangria

Into a jug put a good amount of ice

Add in a bottle of Rosé

Blend some berries of your choice in your food processor or Nutri bullet and add to the wine.  Note if the berries are frozen you can thaw a little and just add them directly.

Add a squeeze of fresh orange

1/2 Cup Vodka (optional)

A swirl of Manuka Honey (optional)

Top with a little soda water and add some sprigs of Thyme and a slice of orange

Mix together with a Muddler Spoon 

sangria recipe

sangria recipe

Enjoy.  Hygge.  Remember.  Happy Birthday my dear friend Therese.

Photography and Styling by My Little House

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