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Gothenburg Sweden is renowned for its wooden homes, perhaps a little like us here in NZ.  Typically they would have a stone basement floor and the next one to two stories in wood.  Over half the population in the early to mid 1900s lived in homes such as this.  The other half of Gothenburg seems dominated by large buildings that are divided into apartments.  The architecture of these is just stunning with high moulded ceilings, feature fire places, large casement windows and wooden flooring.  These types of homes feature regularly on interior blogs and when taking a tour it seems unbelievable that you are in a multi floored building with many others.

This beautiful home takes on so many elements of design that I love, its  mix of construction materials that are embraced in their raw form along with its vintage décor seems to me depicts ‘home’.  Not for everyone I agree but you couldn’t help but love it, a little could you?

house in gothenburg

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But that’s not all Gothenburg has to offer I came upon this community called “Slottsskogskolonin” founded around 1915, where tiny house upon tiny house is built on a small leased plots of land, the house could be no more than 20m2 and the land usually 250m2.  There are rules in place to preserve the architectural style of the period and they are not usually inhabited year round but more of a summer holiday home.  There are a few of these charming communities dotted throughout the city and surrounding areas.  You can read more about these on  They remind me a little of the kiwi bach.

tiny house of gothenburg

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