Velvet in Interiors


Interior Designers love velvet, we cant help ourselves, just ask my friend Nita from The Gooses Bridle Shes a little obsessed!  Velvet to us, is like what Tonic is to Gin,  Ice cream is to Jelly and Juliet is to Romeo, (well not quite, but its a good analogy).  Seeing velvet makes us go weak at the knees, its our biggest crush!

For me it started with my first home, technically it was my second home; my first was a unit or apartment as some may call them.  I was just 22, the apartment was sold and we were villa-bound, well it wasn’t a true villa it was what some call a bungled-villa; kind of a villa, but squarer and without all the trims.  It was double bay, with a portico entrance, it had the classic central hallway, the bedrooms either side of the entrance both had window seats that looked out to the cottage gardens on their respective side of the entrance pathway.  It was picture perfect and perfectly symmetrical, which you know I love! Now, those window seats had curtains on the wall outside of the window seat so when you pulled them they blocked the window seat out of view from inside the bedroom.  They were almost to the ceiling, and if you know villas you know that ceilings are about 3.6 metres up!  So back to those curtains; they were a rich wine velvet.  Yes.  They were so heavy you couldn’t pull them unless you got a ladder.  So they hung there looking like something from a castle, totally expensive, totally ridiculous and totally beautiful.

I’ve never had velvet curtains again, nor velvet furniture; my husband doesn’t share my crush.  What I can have however is velvet cushions, and this little emerald lovely is new to my little house, but old and elegant, kind of royal and when I look at it all I can think about is those expensive, ridiculous, beautiful curtains!

velvet in interiors

velvet in interiors

velvet in interiors

velvet in interiors

And if you can, this must be the ultimate in velvety goodness from Me and My Trend

velvet furniture

The velveteen sofa

And here all the way from Swedena velveteen emerald green sofa.  Makes my ode to velvet seem a little, well, little!

Cushion from Onyx and Smoke

Photography and Styling by My Little House (last image via Bologet)

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