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Ive been reminded of a promise I made a while back to write a blog on entrances… so here you are!

To create that Welcome Home feeling you need to remember your entrance isn’t just about the front door, its about the view to your front door.  As much as we may wish we don’t all have story book houses with little gates and garden paths leading to a covered porch and quaint front door but we can all create that special feeling through a little titivation.

An entrance needs to draw you in, it needs to be a clear point of which visitors will gravitate toward with no hesitation.  An entrance can say a lot about the dweller, for example homes with a brightly painted front door will indicate a fun and vivacious person inside, quaint entrances with artifacts located around it will indicate a collector dwells within.  Entrances with little adornment creates a vision of an busy and organised dweller perhaps that are not often home.

Inside, the entry needs to allow a moment to pause, stow keys, bags, jackets and the like.  It needs to be clear where to go next.  It needs to contain a level of interest and a level of warmth.  You want your guests to feel comfortable the moment they arrive.

Here are a few of my favourite exterior and interior entrys, each is unique and very beautiful.  Which one says Welcome Home to you?


The perfect entry; a half open gate, a canopy of branches and a centred glossy front door… SIGH!
Via Habitatoftheweek


Black, White and Green… Lush!


Perfect Lighting
Via Sourceunknown


This simple entrance on this cottage makes a statement by the shadows that embrace it. An open door is always welcoming and the numbers above bring about feelings of nostalgia. Via Remodilista


Oversized doors create a focal point in themselves
Via Myscandinavianhome


Well why not?
Via Pinterest


It could only be France
Via bookendsanddaisies

entry christmas

Who doesn’t love a festive entry!?
via MLH


Anyone else humming the Sound of Music soundtrack?
via myscandianavianhome

nordic desgin 1

A useful space


The entrance mat creates interest and defines the space
via Nordic Design

via 79 ideas

Fun and Function
Via 79ideas


Beautiful feature door
via myscandinavianhome


A space to delight and interest
via vtwonen




Beautiful Boho space speaks of the dweller
via lonnymag

front door domino

Use your favourite colour on the inside
via Domino



MLH Style File

If your little house enters directly into a living area try and define the space with a rug and small table or funky stool for small spaces and/or a coat rack.

Remember your door has two sides; why not hang a wreath on the inside too.

Your door can be painted one colour on the exterior and another on the interior this will help personalise your space.

Black board paint on a front door interior can be cool and handy; you will never forget anything if its written on the last place you view when you leave!  Positive affirmations for the day ahead can also make you smile when you leave even if you’re joining the traffic queues.

Consider your paint colour, what is inviting and works well with the exterior cladding?  Do you want to make a bold statement or a subtle transition.

Flank your door with plants, plants add a 3d dimension and the pot can portray your personality, you can rotate your plants winter to summer to make sure they always look and smell good.

If there is something unsightly at your front door that is too costly to move disguise it.  I have an ugly old power board right by my front door… charming!  I found a super sweet framed blackboard and hung it on the front.

Make sure your lighting is adequate, hunting for the right key in darkness is never fun.

See more beautiful entrances here

See here for a recent entry makeover for under $800


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