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Okay, so firstly apologies for my silence, I’ve been beavering away on a new design brief as well as finishing my own living room makeover, but its time for a break and a little inspiration for your walls today.  Whilst awaiting new furniture and my living space a blank canvas it reminded me yet again how our bits and pieces make the space individual and special, not only on surfaces but on our walls.   Depending on your preferences and style you can swish up a room in minutes with a little creativity on your part or via some gorgeous art works.  Anything goes now so get crafty and in the words of the Rock Band Oasis; create you’re very own WONDERWALL!

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Nothing could be more dramatic than a black wall… if you are brave enough make sure the space is one you wish to have more intimate, black can draw in the space so ensure your furniture is light and your lighting is adequate.


In contrast, if you crave a light and reflective space add mirrors, in volume such as this pic they become wall art rather than a functional object.  Make sure you place mirrors where whatever is reflected is pleasant.


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A picture wall is super hot right now, they can be very random such as this wall or more formal if you love black and white make a statement black and white art wall.  I prefer frames to keep to the same colour it is more accepting of the art itself.

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Shelves create a grounding for some serious styling opportunities.  I love these string shelves as they are light and simple allowing your treasures to become the focal point.


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Who doesnt love a blackboard wall? – they don’t have to be for children.  At a party guests can get creative leaving you little messages to make you smile for the next few days.


via SF Girl by Bay

So you might think plate walls are a thing of the past but think again, they are still a respected wall decoration.  Make sure your sizes and positioning vary to create interest.


via Remodelista

I love this look, and as I type a wall bracket is on its way to me, ready for my paintbrush and light to be added.  Gone are the days where cords had to be hidden away, now they are so cool they make a statement in themselves as do your choice of light fitting.  Can’t wait….

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Hooks are just as much an art work as a function, these are by Muuto and aptly called DOTS, shown here combining function with fun painted in a colourful yellow, they are available in natural oak.  Eames Hang it alls are also a great statement piece whether you chose the brightly coloured one or a walnut version for those of us who like a more subtle palette.  Jewellery, like oversized beads with pendants look fabulous hanging on these dots.


via Holtwood Hipster

Despite what my husband says it doesn’t look like it is waiting to be hung!  Leaning art looks amazing, giving a whole new dimension to your room


Add some fairy lights around your art, the LED ones on copper wires are lightweight and easy to mould, they don’t have to stay in a box till next Christmas… fairy lights always make you smile, or add a colourful or monochrome feltball garland, once again it adds a bit of fun in your grown up day.

Clip boards are a great way of showing off smaller pieces of art, paint clip boards black or white for optimum effect, hang in groups or prop against shelves.

Remember Art ledges or shelves are a great way of displaying your art, it gives a whole new look, and saves your walls from the hammer!

Hanging art can be difficult, a simple solution is to draw around each frame on butchers paper, cut and tape to the wall with washi tape ensuring that there is at least 5omm between each piece.  Move the paper around until you find the right configuration, mark on the paper where the hook needs to be placed and nail it in directly over the paper, then remove your paper by pulling downwards, the hook will remain in exactly the right place.  Easy peasy!

Of course there are also lots of murals and wallpapers to do the work for you, but don’t rely totally on these, use your imagination!





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