Cosy Places

If you cant relax chances are your little house needs a cosy place!

I have a few in mine that invite that chance to sit, contemplate, read or entertain.

You don’t need a whole room, simply take a space and add in these 5 elements.

#1.  Functionality; a chair or sofa and a table or surface such as a shelf or window sill to rest a cup or book or both

#2.  Texture; an item that promotes warmth and gives comfort such as cushions, sheepskins or throws

#3.  Visual interest; art gives a space life, creates conversation and interest, it also says a lot about you

#4.  Light; ensure there is adequate natural light by day or a source of task lighting.  Don’t forget you will want ambience lighting by night

#5.  Foliage; plants cleanse the air enabling you to think clearly and calmly





Whatever the season a cozy spot in your little house allows you to take five in your busy day for a little you time and with all these cozy spots in my little house its amazing I get anything done!

Photography and Styling by MyLittleHouse.  Interior Design by Crush.

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