Oh Deer Me

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when my affair with antlers started; what do they and I have in common?  I’m certainly not a hunter nor remotely even related to one in fact long forgotten memories of Bambi come to mind and I shudder internally and maybe even externally.  However, I am obsessed, totally in love with these objects of desire.

Perhaps it was the paper Mache deer heads I noticed in Redcurrant in one of my weekly trips there a year or so back.  I pondered and decided no but couldn’t get it out of my head so I returned but alack and alas… all gone!

By then I was desperate would they get any more? I asked… “No” I was told, “they were a one off.”

The next week I came upon a single small antler or shall we say I acquired it through a friend taking pity on my plight and thinking no doubt I was totally mad when I went into raptures over it.  It had even been made ‘PC’… The points on the tips of the antlers had been filed smooth!

It found a home on my stairs.

Next I found a pair; only $37 plus postage on Trade Me.  I had to have them, of course!  My husband thought I was mad, in fact stark raving… “But we’re not hunters, I just don’t understand”. He said.

“I can’t describe it.” I responded “It’s the shape and the texture… so beautiful… so organic.”

They found a home in my living room.


The next ones came upon me in much the same way, I wasn’t as sure of these, they had a little of the skull intact was this ok or was it crossing the line?

ohDeerMe photo3

Well now I have crossed it, well and truly with no return, or not in the near future anyway with the money now invested in these little pieces of wonderful.

ohDeerMe photo4

And then; funny story… I was in Redcurrant and there they were, the paper Mache deer heads, I had to have one, after all that’s where it all started x

ohDeerMe photo5   ohDeerMe photo6

Now tell me you’re not just a little bit in love too!

ohDeerMe photo7

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