Patience is a virtue


To collect things you need to be patient, it takes time to seek, locate and acquire objects, and then to group and display.  I think you are born a collector but the best collections are those that belong to patient people.  You see, my stamp album got discarded early on as I didn’t like all the blank spaces.  My collection of Dolls of the World was fantastic, but I needed more, the collection couldn’t stop at 5 and it may be a year or more before a family member would travel and bring me one home and what if they didn’t?  What would become of the spaces on my shelf?  And so it went on.  My sister collected teaspoons, with her patience her collection grew and grew as I continued to leap from one to another.  Later and many years on, I had a hankering for china I would make lists and every payday I would purchase another precious piece.  I haven’t changed; waiting to fill up spaces is still a struggle for me and often I won’t start to display my precious collections until there is enough to look right.

Sibella Court has written a gorgeous book called Bowerbird, all about collecting and display.  Its truly inspirational and beautifully presented; it makes me wish my childhood collections had been kept, oh the things that I could do with them now!

Now  I’ve begun to see my groupings as collections; assortments of this and that and I vow to enjoy this as a hobby, not an addiction.  I will not hunt things down, rather I will uncover them slowly for certainly the best treasures must be those that have come upon you in the most unlikely of places.  So as my collections grow, acquired in different ways at different times, at different places, not really thinking to become a collection but somehow they are, they will snake their way around my walls and my laden my surfaces but slowly and surely for I will be patient and so must my little house


A collection is  a group of more than one thing you are attracted to. 

Look around your little house and see what you’ve already started to gather and build up from there. 

Collections only need a commonality such as a group of objects that are the same, or a group of different objects that are the same colour or texture, you can mix two collections together such as china and glass.  

Collections are usually displayed together but they don’t have to be, let your collections ramble a bit as they evolve, they will tell a story wherever they may be. 

Take a look below and be inspired x

See these and more collections here (all via Pinterest) and learn the art of styling here…

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