Empty Nest


The day has come… 20 years in the making… my son is leaving home!  They say a mother cat is ready when her kittens leave her care and within a day resume her life as it was before her off-spring arrived.  While I believe there is a difference between the human and feline parenting process I can honestly say I’m ready.  This is not to say I am likely to worry less but there just comes that time when you know your off-spring leaving home is probably best for both of you!

Well after all that emotional stuff I  need to share where he is going.  Norway.  Yes Norway.  He is finishing his study at the University of Oslo, the chance of a lifetime.  Did I manipulate this choice?  Yes I have to say I did a little, the USA was off the cards, with its political issues and random shootings, the United Kingdom was a possibility, with British Passports its easy travel though a little boring (I was born in Wales), and France well lets just say my worry alert would be high.  I suggested perhaps a Scandinavian country would offer a good cultural change while remaining relatively safe, so the final three options were Sweden, Denmark and Norway, he was lucky enough to be accepted in Norway.

Now lets just say I know a little about Scandinavia, at least in the design sense and I’ve researched the country Denmark in wonder of their title of ‘The Worlds Happiest Country’.  Oslo is on the border of Sweden and Sweden is not far from Denmark and so its likely his travels will include a trip to all of my favourite places.  Norway has always intrigued me with its magnificent fjords and days that never end which they call their midnight sun, lets just say he is one lucky young man!

Empty Nest

Empty NestEmpty NestEmpty Nest

I don’t think he will be feeling too far from home with interiors that are very similar to our own little house right here in NZ.

Photography and Styling by My Little House

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