Yin vs Yang


Today there is little feminine vs masculine on the blog.

We all know that Instagram is full of beautiful images in white, dove grey and blush;  they capture our eye and we like them, love them even.

I am guessing there’s a little colour phycology involved. That combination obviously appeals to our feminine side and brings out qualities such as compassion, nurture and kindness, but what about the boys?  How do they feel about those hues?

I’ve done a little comparison and it’s a tough choice, I like the raw quality of the masculine room, there is a strength about it which makes me feel safe, that here, no harm will come to me. The feminine one calls to my motherly side, it makes me feel like the peacemaker, the protector, the giver.

yin vs yang interior

The masculine choice

Yin vs Yang interior

The feminine choice

So how to weave a balance between the delicate Yin and Yang?

  • Look for things that can double as both; a whiskey decanter can be gorgeously feminine with its cut glass patterns but at the same time it has a masculine quality, (perhaps that’s too much watching Mad Men).
  • Balance your darks with paler counterparts. A black leather cushion can be softened when paired with one in nude or dove grey.
  • Floor lamps give off a masculine vibe; give them a home near a throw blanket or sheepie to create a balance.
  • The darker the wood the more masculine the appearance; use pale birch or oak if you want to avoid this or simply use paler objects around them.
  • If you want avoid that heavy feeling with your furniture but would prefer darker colours simply choose furniture that’s lighter in weight, for example a sofa you can see under, a coffee table that has narrow or wire legs.
  • Artwork can make a big statement as can the frame; white lightens and softens, whereas black highlights your art, subtle changes in the art make a big impact on the space.
  • Flowers vs Plants.  Flowers give a feminine vibe, plants appeal to a stronger truer side

These images give a good balance of both elements, creating a harmonious space

Yin vs Yang Interior

Yin vs Yang Interior

Photography and Styling by My Little House



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