How to choose the right art for your home


Art can be a confronting topic and though everyones tastes vary your art should be meaningful or beautiful to you.

My one big ‘but’ would be that no matter what your art represents and whether it be monochrome or colourful, acrylic or watercolour, photographic or typography its only design requirement is that it be proportionate to the space.

A particularly large wall needs a particularly large piece of art or a number of pieces that will cover at least two-thirds of your wall space.  When we talk about wall space it could mean the entire wall should it be blank, but if the wall houses a sofa or a console then the art should be three-fourths of the space within the vignette.

Think about the context of the room; a busy space should have a simple gallery wall. Using a plan or a template prior to hanging a gallery wall helps avoid messy mistakes.  

how to create a gallery wall

Think about the orientation of your wall/furniture; use portrait in taller skinnier spaces and landscape in wider shorter spaces.  Think outside the square; you can extend the length of your art by leaning a smaller piece underneath it.

How to hang art

The bottom of your art should hang 20-30cm above your furniture

how to hang art

For particularly large framed pieces use perspex instead of glass

How to style your art

Always use a level when hanging art

how to choose the right art

If your art is simply not big enough consider having a large mat around the focal piece to increase the overall size.

simple tips for choosing the right art

At times art can be used to fill an empty floor space by leaning it against the wall, for best results use two to three pieces of varying sizes.

how to choose art for your home

Additional items count; a lamp or pendant, a magazine rack, hanging plants or hooks count into the ratio of size; for example, the art alone is not enough for the size of this vignette but add in other items and your proportions become acceptable.
what size should your art be

Because I love my walls I use Command Picture Hooks and Strips for my art.

Photography and Styling by My Little House

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