It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Sometimes it’s hard to find the energy to deck out your house for the festive season, often, (and I’ve been guilty of this too), a wreath on the door and a tree in the living room is as far as we get.  Work is more demanding, children are starting to get excited and tired, party season starts and the weekends are full.  But I do suggest you take the time to decorate your little house in your chosen style and if you just cant; hire a stylist to do it all for you.  Especially for you this Christmas my little house holds a wee bit of everything as below; but I have managed to keep a common theme throughout to link it all together…can you pick it?


Classical with a hint of French

christmasrusticand natural

Rustic and sourced from nature

pinterest shot

Scandinavian 3-D Advent Calender
(Photo via Pinterest)


Classical with a Scandinavian twist


Bright and cheeky but following a theme


Classical (the jar will be filled with baby gingerbread men just as soon as I get baking!)


Modern and funky table setting


Whimsical… aren’t they deer wee things?!


Bright and playful


And if all you can manage is a basket of pinecones and a sheepskin…
Do it… its very Scandinavian and very now!


Have an idea in your head of what style you want to achieve; bright and bold, rustic with nature as its source, traditional,  classic or  whimsical…  There are no rules any more but tinsel is not high on my list!

Create a Pinterest board just for Christmas ideas, once you decide what you want to achieve you’re half way there.  Check my one out…

Start early – I think of Christmas as the month of December not just the 25th.  Christmas Day is usually at my little house so I get my menu sorted and invitations out first.  I start decorating on the first of December; it does take time to achieve what you want so having the whole of December to enjoy it is important and when you are feeling exhausted sit back with a glass of bubbles and enjoy what you’ve created, it will invigorate you to keep going!

Store all your bits and pieces that you have to pack up to create your Christmas displays in the boxes your Decorations were in, it makes perfect sense to store them and swap them back over when it’s all been and gone.

Shop online – there are so many amazing sites out there and getting things delivered to your door especially when you work full time is a god-send.  This year I’m doing my groceries on line, you will need to reserve your delivery day and time early on.

Keep Children busy – give them little jobs to do every day as part of the Christmas countdown (I always start from 1 and go to 24 but for little children talking is ‘sleeps’ is usually the way to go).  Make the advent calendar in 3-D and instead of containing a treat every day have a Christmas task; for example; Collect some pinecones, or Make the Place cards for Christmas Dinner Table.  Use children’s art work (there’s usually a lot at this time of year) as placemats or wrapping paper.

If you are cooking Christmas lunch or dinner set the table the night before, it makes such a difference, and stay home on Christmas Eve, it’s such a lovely night to spend with your family, keep dinner simple and energise yourself for the day that lies  ahead.

Oh and don’t worry if your wrapped gifts don’t look like the pictures you see in magazines… its because yours are actually real odd shaped gifts, not perfectly formed empty boxes!

And when it’s all over pack up slowly, start a few days after Christmas and take your time, it’s not a fun job, but getting all your bits and pieces back out can be a good time to change things around a bit and who knows Santa may have been kind and you could have some new objects to place and love.x





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