Lavender Spray


We all need a treat, right?

It seems to me that we often live our lives on a roller coaster of being really good or really bad.  Why we can’t just find a middle ground I’m not sure.  Perhaps its media; eat this, don’t eat that, do this, don’t do that.  Perhaps its the whole Adam and Eve and the Apple thing.

Can we not live a life where the little things can bring a form of contentment; a treat may not have to be that over-sized portion of cake or those new shoes. Can contentment not come from something other than those that fill your stomach or empty your wallet?  (At this point I feel the need to confess that I like cake and I have shoes in my closet I’ve never even worn!)

This is a simple hygge spritzer that will give you a little calm, a little lift, a little contentment.

The Recipe

Atomiser bottle – glass is best, recycle what you have

Lavender Oil – use up to 10 drops of oil to 30ml water (less for children)

2 Tbsp Witch Hazel or Vodka (resist the urge to swig).


Mix.  Shake.  Spray.  Enjoy.  Hygge.

how to make a lavender spray

Its even pretty enough to hide in plain sight.

How to make a lavender spray

lavender spray recipe

Lavender is both calming and uplifting but you can replace it with any other essential oil you enjoy like Rose, which is great for balancing hormones, or specific blends of multiple oils can be added to suit your needs.

I have found spritzing this throughout the day has helped me to sleep through the night, and that is pure gold!

Photography and Styling by My Little House.

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