Its all about balance


I’m all for creating a lifestyle that you love.  A little Hygge.  It seems a little contrived, it should just happen, but often there needs to be some sort of organisation for things to be able to occur naturally.

The word Hygge; which in essence means to be cozy, to be still, to share, to be content, to feel well, to enjoy simple things; is something that can happen only when all your ducks are in a row; you need to organise your tasks, your schedule, your home so that you are always ready for the next step. Lots of small steps can make this elusive Hygge a reality for you.

Exercise – I try to live a relatively healthy existence.  I exercise daily, but I am not a gym goer.  A gym would certainly not be my hygge, though it may be yours, instead I walk, I run, I swim.

Food – I’ve done Paleo and gained 3 kilos – how did that happen?  I ate too much, simple.  Paleo is high in fat, yes they are good fats but they are still fats, eat too much and you will gain weight, I’m talking about you guacamole and kumara wedges!  I don’t confine myself to an eating ‘type’ now, its not hygge for me.  I like rice, I like cheese, so I eat it, but not all the time. Its called Balance.  Hey, sometimes I eat sugar, but not often its a treat.

Home – Some people love stuff, others love minimalism, either or, if its organised, it will work.  Keep it tidy, keep it clean, keep it sorted and fill it with things that you love.  Do this and you will want to stay home!  I remember watching Oprah a good few years back (don’t judge I was home sick on the sofa, it was my hygge for that day)  She said “People, spend your money on your home”.  It seems so simple, so clear, home is your sanctuary.

Share – To hygge you can be alone, but it also means to share, to enjoy talking and listening to others. Invite others in to your home, nobody cares if the carpet is worn, as long as its clean.  If you have a contentment in your home others will feel this and accept it as it is.  Nobody cares!  Nothing is perfect!

Stop – Light a candle, watch a movie, read a book, close your eyes.  Never feel guilty for slowing down.  You will never be able to speed up when you need to if you don’t allow your body some time to rest.  Think about your device time, rather than scroll endlessly, turn a page.

Light and Fresh Air – Open your windows, pull those blinds, let the light in, it makes you feel a whole lot better.  Try and line dry your washing, nothing is better than getting into a bed with sheets that have been soaked with fresh air and sunshine, and maybe a little lavender!

Be organised – Shop to a list, clean to a schedule, prepare in advance it will just make everything simpler.

How to hygge

These are your ducks.  Get them in a row.  Then it will just happen.  Hygge.

Photography and Styling by My Little House

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