Marble Junkie

I am becoming a marble junkie.  Please gorgeous on-line shops stop putting such  beautifulness at my fingertips!

Oh but the real thing is real expensive and real heavy so here is a little designer secret for you… Marble laminate!  Kitchen guru Kim from Kim and Franks cabinets in Albany had a gorgeous sample when I last popped in; apparently the image is taken of a piece of marble to create the laminate sheeting with no obvious join or repeats and of course if the photo is taken from real marble then it looks damn real too.  Don’t forget there are also faux marble tiles and marble wallpaper.  I guess you can have your cake and eat it too!

Mmmm you know what Im thinking… not sure how ‘he who likes to save money’ will feel about this latest obsession, but never mind him take a peek at these gorgeous real or not marble-laden rooms…


Wow, loving the gold lights, matching tap and cupboard handles combined with the white tiles and marble counter top!


Cold? Never! Warm up marble with some florals


Waterfall ends make the most of this beautiful feature bench, the natural and white dipped stools soften and relax the formal look of the marble


The most beautiful bathroom ever! The black tap ware makes a striking contrast to the white marble and bath.


OOOhhh top a cabinet to create a little bit of interest then blend those beautiful black and white objects into it…even the dreaded TV might just look okay atop a marble shelf!


Super Luxe! A variety of finishes make up this super stylish kitchen, okay so probably not the average homes cooking spot but a myriad of ideas to get your creative juices flowing. via FionaLynch


Heaven in symmetry! The parquet flooring relaxes this marble island, but not enough to lose its striking appearance, this is an image you wont forget in a hurry.


Oh yes! I have a couple of rolls of this beautiful Ferm Living Wallpaper floating around my work room…


Ho hum… think Ive just found a use for that marble wall paper… cover a coffee table top and lacquer!


Grey on Grey on Grey. This round marble topped table looks delightful with spaghetti legs. Come to me oh beautiful one I have just the grey on grey spot for you!

Not brave enough to take the full marble leap… how about a touch here and there like my quiet purchases of late…


Wallpaper from Ferm Living, Candlestick and small and large trays from The Wooden Horse, Trivet from Mint Six and Salt n pepper dishes from LetLiv

Images via Pinterest and MyLittleHouse


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