My Obsession with Chairs

I am slightly obsessed with chairs, in my time Ive had a few different styles gracing my dining table from Bentwood to Rattan to Ghost to Tolix to Eames… and I think Ive just found another love… these gorgeous chairs are designed by French engineer Jean Prouve.  Designed in 1934 and yes a little bit Schoolish but something about these appeals…


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jean prouve

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jean prouve1

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jean prouve2

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Another style I could definaltey find a home for would be Hans Wegners Wishbone Chair, it made its debut a little later in 1949 still making it into the mid century bracket of 1933-1965


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What do you think?  Either take your fancy?  No?  Well what about this little beauty… This Jens Risom Woven side chair could easily blend into my little houses décor without any fuss what-so-ever!   A little Danish Mid-Century Modern; totally head-over-heels with it!

jens risim side chair


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Now we all know that a set of real Jean Prouve, Wishbone or Jens Risom could cause ‘he who likes to save money’ a  little bit of stress so there are quality replicas available however, in saying that I do have a little bit of a problem with the release of replica Eames and Ghost chairs in a large NZ chain store of late;  though it brings these iconic pieces into the land of the living as far as affordability it reduces their appeal and suddenly my beloved Eames are not so beloved by me.

Will it be a mere matter of time until the Wishbone and Jean Prouve are being mass produced and sold at minimal prices or will some iconics remain untouched and a little unobtainable?  I am hoping the latter! x

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