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1. A small corner, alcove, or recess, especially one in a large room.
2. A hidden or secluded spot.

Okay, tell me you don’t want to sometimes disappear; curl up somewhere safe and not be noticed if only for a while, just like you could do when you were little.

I have a couple of spots like this at my little house, one is where I sit with my morning Nespresso, it captures the sun and is elevated on a mezzanine level which makes me feel at ease and allows me to focus my energies and plan for the day, another is one I have created in a recess under the stairs, hidden in plain sight, its purpose is to make me stop and take 5, even on those busy days.

How to create a nook

how to create a cozy nook


how to create a nook

Appealing?  Hell yeah!  Here are a few I found via Pinterest, one of them will likely take your fancy and provide you with the inspiration to create your own special nook.

Minimal perhaps, but look at the view!  I’d probably add a squab so I was able to sit a little longer than the wood would otherwise allow.

Boho anyone?  Love it or hate it it is a style that allows you to relax without guilt and I am betting it would a difficult spot to leave!

wooden box house

Aw, don’t forget that littlies like a little spot of their own to escape to.  This is perfect!  It might even encourage a daytime

I love how this sofa is encased in book shelving.  Its looks comfy and certainly has all the elements of the perfect nook.

There is something to be said for dark and moody spaces, combine it with a hanging chair and you can swing your worries away!

I often feel a little exposed outside on a deck, but this little nook has been cleverly linked with the trees to provide a little shade, the mosquito nets are no doubt functional but they also provide an intimacy without losing the open to nature feeling.

Image 1,2,3 and 4 are via My Little House other images sourced via Pinterest

It’s easy to create a space like these in your own little house; just take that little unused space, add a chair and a table or shelf, then titivate with art, cushions, books, a throw, a candle, adjustable lighting and maybe a pot plant or two.  Make it warm, cozy or minimal, after all its your nook.

My Little House

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