Perfectly Imperfect

Visitors to my little house tell me it all looks so perfect and yet within it lies a lot of imperfect stuff; and so really, what constitutes perfect?

There is surely beauty in imperfection and is not perfection a bias to those who are judging it to be so?

A perfect day for one may be that of brilliant sunshine whereas to another the rain on the roof may constitute perfect-ness.

But to the world of interiors?  Well you can take a bunch of stuff that is not so perfect and arrange it perfectly and so this becomes perfect to this particular dweller.

Or you can take a bunch of stuff that is perfect in every way but when collated becomes not so perfect at all.

Things can start off as perfect and become imperfect as time goes on which can be good, such as a timber floor and yet a tiled bathroom as it ages becomes imperfect which is not usually okay at all.

And so to my answer; it is all in the collation and collaboration.


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The furniture alone is not perfect, the walls and floors are not perfect, the cuttings are wild and precarious, though in collating all the factors there in becomes perfection.


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This collection of ceramics by Houston Design Co literally screams “Im not perfect” and yet I crave the imperfectness of it to sit atop my imperfect dining table in my imperfect little house!


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The support beams in this otherwise perfect looking kitchen gives the owner the ability to relax the décor and collect and cluster casual objects to create its own blend of perfect.

perfect weekend home

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I seriously think this could be the perfect cottage, however I have no doubt that within lies a barrage of imperfections.

And so perfect becomes harmony; when things are harmonious we perceive them as perfect and in your little house the elements to create that are found in its balance or symmetry; focal points or items of interest; its contrast of colour, pattern, texture; its rhythm or flow and the scale of the space with proportionate items within it.

Ive consulted Google and he agrees!  Well kind of!

having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be


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