Champagne and Scents

An afternoon at the lovely Imo in Parnell with divine Raw Food, Champagne and the beautiful aroma, (and company), of Ashley and Co.

A celebration of their reinvention – and just why did they need to reinvent this iconic NZ product I hear you ask.  They didn’t really, but I’m so glad they did.

My go-to product for styling, and of course, gifting, has just got a little bit more beautiful and dare I say it, practical!

And homeward bound with my own very limited edition hand poured candle, one Moet down, of course balanced with a little raw food, I am feeling just a little bit reinvented myself!

There was almost a whimsical beauty to the reinvention branding by Máximo Tuja, a sort of modern day Adam and Eve appeal.  Along with the phrase Embrace the Present the idea is to enjoy each moment in time.


The amber glass bottle has been replaced, and though plastic, this one has more aesthetic appeal with its wider proportions and, if you want to get all practical, is a thoroughly more ideal material in a slippery spot such as your bathroom.


To this range is the addition of an eco green blend for your hands and body, also available in a larger bottle, perfect for the shower.

I’ve always loved the organic and earthy look; it fits well with my monochrome interior.  I find it visually calming and restful and Ashley and Co have always had the ability to fit well within any aesthetic making it easy to style,  but they’ve upped their game adding a sophisticated black and white candle with gold labelling, the box too is beautiful, simple and subtle.

And so for the guests…  a hand poured, before our very eyes, Ashley & Co candle, which makes it just a little bit more special.  This is one of my favourite scents; Fig Leaf and Gardenia with a little added extra…

And so let me find a final resting spot for this thing of beauty I have returned with so I can enjoy it, as well as this, moment in time.

And where better than aside its predecessor; the lovely amber jar that once held an Ashley & Co candle, now re-purposed to a herb vase on my kitchen bench.  Perfect… for the moment!

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