Rug Rules


Rugs and my little house have a love-hate relationship.

There are certain rules around them and my home has certain quirks that make those rules impossible to apply.  So while I am busy trying to convince clients to spend more to get the right size I have to hide the fact that at home my rugs, though beautiful, are not quite the right size.

The reason for this is not cos,t but layout.  When we purchased the house it was a very small cottage and to extend the living area length we had to have a post that was in a very annoying spot.

Time has past and the offending post and I have learnt to live in harmony, but it throws rug size and placement rules out the window!  Most houses though do have a living area with easy to work with dimensions so I suggest following the rules.  The little extra outlay will provide you will a harmonious finish to your space.

Ideally, place about half of your sofa on the rug both front and sides.  This is your anchor; the connection between the floor and furniture.  The Ivy House has produced an easy to follow guide for customers that helps make the decision a little easier.  Standard sizes are designed to fit standard spaces, though getting a rug custom made isn’t as expensive as you think and is well worth the investment.


The offending post is just to the left of the front of this photo in line with the lower ceiling line and is just visible in the photo below.



Photography and Styling by My Little House.

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