Saving Strawberries

I bought six strawberry plants a few weeks back for a styling job.  I didn’t really expect them to survive the four weeks they were required to live inside but they did.

When I picked them up they were looking a little worse for wear but were hanging on!  I left them in their gorgeous Ikea Bittergurka hanging planter in my scullery and promptly forgot about them.

Looking up today I see they have drooped a little more, but they are still hanging in there, now this deserves some respect!

So, I picked up a couple of bags of Tui Vege Mix, piled it in one of the raised gardens along with some sheep pellets and got them in, a couple of droopy parsleys joined them, (also rescued from the scullery), some new coriander or cilantro, (love that stuff), a tomato plant and some blue Salvia; just to get the bees interested.

I hope they make it… what would be summer without eating a strawberry, warmed by the sun,  straight from the garden?  (Or in a cold class of bubbles depending on the time of day!)

I will keep you posted x

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