Sunshine and Shadows

What a beautiful Spring day.  We’ve uncovered the outdoor furniture and BBQ and actually lunched outside!

So as I am enjoying the sun and soaking up its vitamin D and all the other goodness we need a little of every day I am pondering the not so good effects of that same sun shining in on my new sofa.

And, as I, (dare I say it), pull the shades to protect my soft furnishings I am saddened as all that lovely light leaves and shadows fall over my little house…

sunshine and shadows

So here is a little guide on how you can protect your home without losing the light.

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Roller Blinds are a cost effective choice, the sun shades block the UV whilst still allowing a filtered light with a contemporary look.  I like the way they are unobtrusive and just really get on with their job.  However don’t even think of having your windows or doors open while they are down!  They are pretty cost effective and you can order on-line to cut costs if you don’t mind installing them yourself

windows5 windows3

Voiles are floaty and beautiful, though while effective at blocking out about 70% of the UV, they themselves are taking a hammering and they will eventually rot.  Their lack of weight makes them difficult to use when windows are open, there has been many a time where I have found my lovelies hanging on the outside of the house after being sucked out of an open window.  You can have them custom made or pick them up from Briscoes or The Warehouse fairly cheaply.


Shutters are an expensive outlay but are probably cost effective long term.  Depending on where the shutters are positioned you get a lot of light through as well as UV, which I can tell you does little damage to your walls or ceilings.  When open horizontal your view is maximised and when closed fully they let in no light.  After shopping around I found the pricing pretty competitive from the major suppliers.  Sadly they are made in China and take around 3 months from order to install.  They come pre-painted to your colour choice and are made of a composite that is protected from UV damage.


Outdoor shutters look beautiful but sadly I can only speculate on their usefulness however if they can look like this gorgeous shot from myparadissi I’m sold!

shadows via myparadissi

And now as finish my writing I realise Ive missed the last of the days lovely sun.  Never mind… clocks forward tonight so I will have one more hour of it tomorrow evening.

Well fingers crossed! x

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