You know those days when you just need things to balance?  Well you are not alone, we associate symmetry with beauty whether it be a face or a garden or a house.  Why?   Its stable and stable means safe, when something is safe we can relax, when we relax we feel good.

A tree-lined drive would lose its appeal should the trees on one side be oak and the other side pine, however gone are the days where we want to matchy-match everything so what we are looking for is a sense of proportion and balance. Instead of creating a mirror image (symmetry) we are happy with an asymmetrical space providing it has balance.

Creating an asymmetrical space is much more difficult than a symmetrical space and often it requires someone with a knowledge of design or a design-eye.  By using a group of objects we can create the feeling of balance as the objects are perceived as equal in weight, this creates a sense of visual balance.

These two images provide grouping of furniture that visually are perceived as equal in weight despite the fact that the art and the sofa are larger on one side.

how to style your living room


Its not an easy skill and most images I come across though sporting beautiful objects have a feeling of being ‘not quite right’ due to lack of balance.  Interior designers and stylists are trained to create harmonious spaces that take in all the principals of good design that you know when you see.

Photography and Styling by My Little House


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