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Summer is here!  This is what I keep reminding myself when the sun shines its rays of wonderful through the clouds.  The gardens are starting to smile with their colours breaking through the green of the last few months.

The truth is we don’t need to spend thousands on our outdoor spaces.  The positioning of some objects will change the look outside just as it does in.  Think of it as a whole new room you can style and enjoy.

A pretty little vignette works just as well on your deck or grass as it does inside.  Don’t be afraid to get some fabric outside through cushions and tablecloths even a length of cheap fabric will give you some shade when looped over a pergola, sure it won’t last longer than a summer or two but it means your styles can evolve while you wait for your vines to grow.  It beats commercial shade covers on looks hands down! Photos via Pinterest and MLHtakeitoutsidefor FB

An inexpensive rattan chair will look amazing under a tree with a couple of cushions, style it up with rugs and whatever else you need for your own little oasis.


Candles or even candelabras look fabulous on a rickety old table otherwise heading for the tip.  Find an old trestle table for entertaining and cover with a plain white cloth to serve from or eat out using a variety of mis-matched chairs.takeitoutside3

Make some votives with glass jars or bottles and wire and hang them in a tree along with some pretty bunting flags.  Solar fairy lights look amazing in the evening wrapped around a pergola, they will power up during the day and go into the evening.



Don’t forget the front of your house either, hang a wreath on your front door all year round, not just at Christmas, mix it up and change them around a bit, Pop some topiaries or gorgeous smelling plants in some old pots to frame it and, voila your little house will shine!



It all sounds like a big fuss and bother but believe me it’s worth it, use what you have, its likely you can create an amazing space in an hour or so for less than $200.  Don’t pack it up at the end of the day, things look all the more pretty with a bit of wear.  And show it off, invite some friends over for an afternoon glass of vin, crackers and cheese, bowl of strawberries, scones with jam and cream; get out your best glasses and pretty side plates, even paper or melamine ones look fantastic these days; your guests will be so taken with how your little house looks the food will taste all the better!

How about this swing seat from The Wooden Horse… Just add some cushions and a quilt, perfect for a little R & R… Go on you deserve it!  And these amazing melamine plates from Perch Homewares, they are definitely on my Christmas Wishlist!



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