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If you know me you will likely know there are 3 things I cannot resist easily; puppies, chairs and cushions.  I have a problem with saying no to all three; puppies, however are generally not really something one can have too many off and nor, as I have learnt, do they stay puppies for all that long; chairs are something that one can actually have too many of and in fact I am bordering on this calamity now, (they are also rather hard to get past “he who likes to save money”) But cushions; well one can never have too many cushions, and generally they are fairly easy to get past “he who likes to save money” now if “he” knew exactly how many cushions I actually have acquired and how much some of these delightful objects cost “he”may start paying a little more attention!

But enough of that, let me share some of my favourite and most gorgeous cushion combinations, photos via pinterest


Understated Scandinavian, hues of black white and grey for an element of calm and simplicity.  When you keep your colour palette neutral you can have a variety of pattern.


This is one of my favourties, its so very random that it actually works, even with the busy art wall above, you will see how black, white, gold and brown in the cushions is mimicked in the art (oh and actually maybe one of my other loves is art walls)


This is glamour!  Grey-Blue and Copper are complimentary colours, so a failsafe choice.  You can see how the cushion colours are mimicked in the coffee table styling


If you are design cautious you can keep your cushions really simple and add in a hide or rug for impact.  Deer Hides work extremely well as they are softer than cowhides.


This picture once again offers up a monochromatic palette and within in there is the opportunity for a variety of shapes and patterns.  Even the childlike ‘myfavouriteplace’ cushion works amongst the grownups


Super relaxed, this is cushioning without really cushioning.

via psiloveyouprincess

Okay so maybe this is pushing it but aesthectically it reminds me of gelato icecream, and if truth be told we probably all wish we were brave enough to pull this one off

  • The biggest cushion mistake is buying two the same, never do this except when you may want one on another sofa, and then out of all the cushions you have on your first sofa only double up on one.
  • Don’t over fill your cushions nothing is worse than a hard cushion, cushions should look relaxed and invite you in.
  • Mix shapes; square, circle, rectangle, these all work together.
  • Mix texture; always make sure one of your cushions is velvet, and I have recently started to love knitted cushions, in a tight stitch they look amazing.  Luckyboysunday make some gorgeous ones, of course the ‘myfavouriteplace’ has to be the best!
  • Mix up the sizes, try not to line them up like soldiers at the back of your sofa.
  • Pile cushions up on the floor or a stool- it makes for relaxed styling.
  • Keep numbers odd, have five not four, three not two or if you must have only one, but never ever a pair.
  • Keep sofas plain, a patterned sofa makes cushioning very difficult
  • Deeper sofas are better for cushioning, having a narrow depth means your cushions will make seating especially difficult.
  • A single cushion can cost $250.  Before you buy it make sure that you love it with all your heart (much like a puppy) as this is a big investment.  Average pricing would be around $100, however there are some gorgeous cheapies too, keep an eye out at Freedom and Ezybuy, both of these have some good buys!
  • Pop cushions outside, they actually don’t wear as badly as you would expect and they look so lovely.
  • Go to spotlight and look at the fabrics pick out 5 that you love, I guarantee if you love them they will work together then dust off that sewing machine and make your own, you can just envelope the back to keep it simple and you can choose the size and shape you want.
  • If you find a cushion you love but the shape or size is wrong, buy it anyway and just alter it.
  • If you are shopping online for cushions just copy and paste the pics then pop them on a document all together, it will give you a better idea of whether they work together

Or just ask me; the cushion queen!  I can source many of those cushions pictured here for you or help to find exactly what you need.

PS when you are in cushion overload just take out the inners and store the covers folded up, you can use the inners from existing cushions when you want to swap them over.  Just make sure you have enough, and, sssshhh don’t tell “he who likes to save money”!



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