The next big thing…

Someone recently asked me what the next big thing in interiors is and I have to say I believe the house-plant is making an extraordinary comeback.

Thinking back to my childhood I can remember my mother’s vast array of indoor plants, dotted throughout the house in baskets, on planter stands, and especially hanging in our home-made macramé!  The ooohhs and aaahhhs of delight from the visitors exclaiming on my mother’s green fingers, her maiden hair fern brought about much adoration!

Now throughout the last couple of decades the indoor plant faze and most especially the macramé held ones have declined into non-existence, even my mother’s green fingers had moved to the outdoor area to get their dose of gardening.

Well now I can tell you indoor plants are back, the vessel that holds them is also of great significance now and even the humble macramé is on trend and alas coming with it a large price tag, hhhmmm now do I remember how to make those macramé knots?

Here are some gorgeous pics of indoor plants via MLH as well as Pinterest… can I inspire you to add a bit of nostalgia to your little house?


A messy olive topiary is just divine, especially in my favourite uashmama bag!


Herbs will grow indoors just not as fast as outdoors and terracotta pots are neat and cheap!


 I bought this sweet little fir tree for part of my Christmas decorating but with that all over I couldn’t bear to put it outside… its just too wee!  Never mind it has a home in a gorgeous uashmama bag in my living room… for now anyway.


This little succulent garden is next on my to do list.  It reminds me of a tropical forest for little people!  Kids would love this project.

 abeautifulmessAnd really anyone can achieve this little plate of loveliness… is that a maidenhair fern?

myscandinavian home

I don’t know about you but I could move on in!  Beautiful symmetry including the plants!


And last but not least the macramé in all its modern neon glory!


A simple tip is to rotate often, many plants used inside are really outdoor plants so a good idea is to rotate them around a bit from outdoors to indoors, it also alleviates any boredom!

Most interiors now are shades of white, for contrast leafy green works perfectly.

There are some gorgeous glass terrariums all planted out for you with little succulents, they are such an interesting decorating tool, I love sky planters and wall planters, but you can get creative with your vessels depending on your style, old china, wicker baskets, even brown paper wrapped around a plastic pot and tied with twine looks gorgeous.

You don’t have to pay a fortune for indoor plants, The Warehouse has a good healthy selection from succulents to orchids to larger varieties all for under $10 each

Oh, and don’t forget to water!



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