Winter Flowers and Wandering Thoughts


The garden looks barren apart from these Winter Roses.  Helleborus.  I had forgotten I had planted them.


It must have been a chance thing because I really know nothing about the gardening, I usually get it all wrong, over planting in haste looking for an instant garden, ending up with an overcrowded mess.  Yet there they were, perfect amongst the mulch laid by my husband who knows a fraction more than I! There must be a time we give in and get someone to do it properly, but not until I have given it my best shot, surely we have learnt something over the last ten years; inside I feel a confident harmony, outside I feel bewildered, lost until I found this little bunch of summer.  Should I leave them?  Noone will see them out here, they are hidden, let them be noticed and admired inside, let them find a place in my little house.

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Photography and Styling by My Little House.

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