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We have been looking at real estate lately, its a fairly disappointing affair as our list of wants probably outweighs our bank balance.  However there are some things that should not skimped on, and even in the higher end of our property market I’ve noticed that the quality of the bathrooms do not always match the quality and price of the house.

I have a couple of bathroom renovations at mylittlehouse under my belt; one went without a hitch and the other was managed by an outside source which was problematic.  It is possible, and cheaper to manage the renovation process yourself and with these ten tips I have been able to help others create their perfect bathroom; a bathroom that is simple yet luxurious and appeals to all.  You can then adapt the finished product to represent you, your family’s needs and incorporate those things you love that make you feel calm and happy.

1.  Design and Layout

Work out the best design for the space you have.  If you have a neighbouring toilet and bathroom consider combining the two.  If there is an adjoining closet borrow some or all of it for your shower or a toilet recess.  Always locate your toilet in a position that you cannot see it if the door is open.  Use cavity or pocket sliders when space is at a premium.

2.  Durable surfaces

I recommend tiling the bathroom in its entirety; floors and walls.  The little extra outlay will pay itself off over the years in convenience and also when you sell.  Use a quality ceiling paint that deflects mould.  If you are using a professional tiler instruct him to use a thin grout line between tiles, this makes it much easier to keep clean as well as being more aesthetically pleasing.  Bathrooms that resemble that of a good hotel are the most popular choices.

3.  Colour and Pattern

Use neutral tiling on the biggest volume of space then add in what you love in pattern, texture and colour in a smaller area, this way when trends or your tastes change you can simply replace the smaller portion at a minimum cost.

4.  Baths

A bath adds value,  if you can fit one in your space do so.  Sit in the bath before you buy it.  I have a very beautiful stone bath which is not at all comfortable to sit in as it lacks head and neck support.

5.  Showers 

Consider a walk in shower; they make the space feel more comfortable, open and luxurious.   Build in a recess or use a simple glass shelf to contain toiletries.

6.  Vanities

Choose the right style of vanity for the space you are creating.  A clawfoot bath with a modern box style vanity will not create a harmonious space.  Wall hung vanities will give an illusion of more space, but make sure you get the height it is installed at correct for you.

7.  Mirrors

Locate mirrors above the vanity when possible and make sure the mirror is the same size as the vanity though it can be smaller when you use a cupboard mirror or a round mirror.  You can use ornate mirrors to create a feeling of luxury or streamline your bathroom with a modern sleek mirror.  If you are tight on storage consider a mirror cabinet.

8.  Tapware

Tapware is important in function as well as aesthetics; make sure you are getting the right stream for your needs.  Chrome is a timeless look, though black in very en vogue and is unlikely to date.  Rain heads will ensure you have little splash outside of your shower but remember to also add a hand held shower head as they make cleaning easier.

9.  Lighting

Use a mix of lighting; you will need task lighting above your mirror with ambient overall lighting, though you may want a dimmer option or accent light for when you use the bath.

10.  Finishing touches

To finish off your bathroom use plants, baskets, towels, candles and soap dispensers; you can add in vintage finds to a modern bathroom if you wish, its these personal touches that make the space all about you and your family.  The bathrooms in mylittlehouse are as luxurious as a hotel yet down to earth; I’ve got the elements all in place and have relaxed them to fit in with my design aesthetic and family needs.


This is a sponsored post by  All thoughts and suggestions are my own.

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