Flash Back

Its time for a little blast from the past.   Who remembers Lockwood Homes?  Quintessentially  Kiwi!  I remember my mother dreaming of one of these prefab timber houses back in the 80’s, and then, well, things changed, there was not a piece of timber adorning any new homes during the next decade.  We opted for paint in all colours imaginable; feature walls were a big hit and outside plaster, plaster everywhere plaster combined with untreated timber framing – hmmmm that didn’t really go well for us though did it!  Leaky homes anyone?!

I have to confess that I too am guilty of painting over our TGV ceilings in a very thick coat of white!

But were these timber homes as kiwi as we thought; was it not a little take on how some European Countries had been building for quite some time?  I did a little digging and found that yes these interlocking homes we knew as Lockwood were in fact the brain child of Dutch immigrants and so its not surprising with our current love of all things Northern European there could be a resurgence of this trend on the horizon.

Yes?  No?  Maybe?  I could certainly tolerate a wee bit of light wood in my little house!

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Please note these photos are not of Lockwood homes but those of a similar design aesthetic.

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