The icing on the cake

Lucky for me, my office is located just above a kitchen company which means I am privy to all the insider info, it also meant I was lucky enough to sneak in a quick refresh for my kitchen right at their busiest time – just before Christmas.

While most companies will encourage you to replace your whole kitchen others will give you good advice on a revamp or refresh keeping the costs down while still improving value and functionality, so go with what you feel would be best for your situation.  Its important to think about the space cohesively; counter tops, tapware, doors, hardware and flooring.  My kitchen is 10 years old, but due to choosing most of those key items well it still looks modern and on trend, however its a little small so with a little thinking, organisation and labour the Laundry room, which was straight off the Kitchen, got relocated and that space became the Scullery.

We pulled out the washing machine and it joined the dryer in a room just off the garage and voila, we now have a scullery with a door to outside that accesses Potager (Kitchen) Gardens, it has a nice deep sink, new cupboards give me ample storage and the counter top has a shelf area which has become the Appliance Station.  I love it both for aesthetics and functionality, perfect though it was not; the flooring looked dated and let the entire space down.

To achieve a more cohesive look with the rest of the house, which is open plan, we lifted the tiles in the entry, kitchen and scullery, up came the carpet in the living and dining area and down went  807 sqft of Oak Overlay Wooden Flooring.  Instant transformation!  The space looks larger, lighter, cleaner and peaceful.

It’s been a few weeks and I am pleased to report it’s super easy to keep clean, the dog hasn’t scratched it, its non-allergenic; no sneezing, it picks up the sun and reflects the light, it held quite a few guest’s feet on New Year’s Eve and it is still looking beautiful, in fact its the icing on the cake!

Designer Tip:  Flooring colours and textures are endless these days but don’t rely on online pictures, order some samples to be delivered and try them out in your home with your furniture and accessories.

This is a sponsored post by  All thoughts and experiences are my own.  Flooring may differ from that pictured.

Photography and Styling by MyLittleHouse, Interior Design by Crush



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