Beautiful Bedroom Makeover

Bedrooms should inspire feelings of serenity and calm, of peace and tranquillity.  A bedroom should be somewhere you gravitate towards when your body calls out for the restorative effects of sleep.  It should also reflect your personality; after all your most intimate possessions can be found in your bedroom!

This beautiful bedroom makeover is inspired by this stunning Marianna print using black, grey and white with a touch of pink added as an accent to soften and warm it.  The bedroom is large but by bringing a dark grey onto  a feature wall the room has an enveloping quality, the natural light is abundant due to full length windows.


Print from Society 6 and framed by Factory Frames, Light from Redcurrent


Slipper Chair from Freedom, Cushions from Ten Things and Jamie Kay, Wall Colour 1/2 White Pointer by Resene.


Print from SE3 and framed by Factory Frames


Books from Book Depositry, Candle from Redcurrent and Marble Tray from The Wooden Horse


Print from Nynne Rosenvinge, Copper Clock from Let Liv and Sand Timer from Freedom.


Basket from Freedom, Cushion and Throw Blanket from Jamie Kay


Linen Duvet Cover in Slate Grey from The Foxes Den, Healthy Fibre Duvet Inner from Lorraine Lea


Linen Euro Pillow Covers in Dove Grey from The Foxes Den, Light Grey Cross Blanket from Jamie Kay


Lights from Lighting Plus, Felt Ball Garland from Etsy, Feature Wall Bokara Grey from Resene


Art work from Society 6 and framed by Factory Frames

Tips for a beautiful and healthy bedroom space

Layout is important; position your bed away from the doors.

Ventilation; beds that allow air flow underneath are best.  Windows that can be left open just a crack summer or winter will eliminate that groggy feeling and bags under the eyes in the morning.  If you can leave your windows open during the day to allow fresh air to circulate, consider a security stay.

Colour:  Allow for colours that make you feel calm and emotionally safe such as blue, pink, green, yellow, grey, whites, creams and beiges.  I like dark moody colours in a bedroom as they are said to create a barrier between you and the outside world, providing comfort while  protecting emotions whereas some people enjoy the reflective quality of white.  Go with what you like but avoid, Brown, Red and Purples – even in your bedding.

Lighting; Bedrooms need multiple light sources, from dim for relaxation to specific task lighting for reading and dressing.

Screens; ban them completely – easy to say but TVs and Computers (yes that includes IPADS) keep you awake.  Allow for 1 hour of completely screen free time before lights out.

Bedding; pay for quality beds and bedding, your body needs that time of rejuvenation to get you ready for your day ahead.  I love linen it is the perfect sleep partner.

Focal point; as with any room your bedroom needs a point of interest such as a piece of art, a beautiful light,  a gorgeous headboard or stunning drapery.

Texture; as I am always saying texture is vital, layer on the blankets, rugs, cushions and use a variety of types of fabrics in your soft furnishings.

Curtains; allow for two sources; voiles or sun shades for privacy, to filter sunlight and add softness and blackouts for a deep uninterrupted sleep.

Ensuites; keep them simple in your colour palette, bring in accent colours of your bedroom in the accessories.  When possible fully tile your bathroom to keep it hygienically clean.

Wardrobes; Make sure they are ventilated, there is nothing worse than clothes contained in a drawer or cupboard without the ability for air to circulate.  Custom wardrobes are always the best option as they provide for your personal needs.

Read here for more bedroom advice and here for some beautiful bedroom imagess

Sweet dreams x

Photography and Styling by My Little House

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