Have you ever slept in linen?  Seriously you have to try it.  You will have the best nights sleep ever!  Light, soft and airy, linen is what nature intended we all sleep in.  But there is a catch… Linen bedding is expensive which makes it not conducive to keeping ‘he who likes to save money’ happy; in fact linen bedding is the type of expense that sends ‘he who likes to save money’ into a spin.  However ‘he who likes to save money’ is not a good sleeper, (all those $$$ whirling around in his head I imagine), so when I produced the evidence of linens super sleep inducing qualities he said YES!

So snuggle up and take a peek at these beautiful images…

One of my favourite things to do is layer on the texture.  Linen is the perfect backdrop for this, not only does it look lovely it provides adequate warmth and weight which helps us to sleep.


Via Little Design Cnr

The addition of a gallery wall in a bedroom can look a little busy, but in a monochrome palette it wont interrupt those important zzzzz. 


via Ollie and Sebs Haus

This baby blue looks like sweet dreams in the making!  Keep bedrooms minimal, too much clutter or activity can stop those sleep hormones from kicking in.


Via A Cup of Jo

Linen works in a modern space and just as well in a vintage space.  The mix of pillows here makes up for the lack of a headboard and Im seriously wishing this house was mine!


via myworldapart



A moody room with classic beige bedding.  Dark bedrooms do help us wind down from a busy day.  Block out blinds will also help you fall asleep and stay asleep.  Make sure you have a book or magazine pile handy, this is the perfect place to catch up on your reading material; hopefully in uninterrupted bliss!


Via Zulily

Grey is a colour that works with any partner, by adding an accent of watermelon pink the room becomes warmer.  Bedrooms sometimes need a softer feminine touch to initiate the feelings of calm required for a good nights sleep.


Via Sea of Girasoles

White bedding allows for a diverse range of accessories, teamed here with vintage styled furniture it still looks at home.  White linen may not work for you if you have small children or pets that like to join you in bed.  Make sure you accommodate for all eventualities before investing in white linen.


Via 79 Ideas

Navy with white accent and natural accessories.  Navy has a masculine  feel about it; though if teamed with natural products you can alleviate the coolness of blue.


Via Citta Design

Romantic white for a romantic night?  Mosquito nets are a must for the vintage lover, they soften the harder edges of a room and add a romantic quality.  Use a linen spray; this room evokes feelings of lavender scented sheets!


Via Pinterest

This is a fav at my little house.  Light enough to look refreshing but not light enough to show the marks.  Team up this Dove Grey Linen Duvet with a Resene Bokara Charcoal  feature wall behind your bed and white linen sheets.  Trust me it is a beautiful combination!


Via Feng Shui Trend

Glam up neutrals with some copper or gold lighting or accessories.

grey and copper

Source unknown

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Read how to make a beautiful linen spray here … Its seriously good!

Sweet Dreams! x

PS; For the converted you can get your beautiful linen bedding The Foxes Den and Gorgi.

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