Black and White and what lies in between

So excited that my new art arrived back from framing this week to complete my monochrome art wall in my open plan living area; its a difficult space as the ceiling here is fairly low though opens up to the double height pitched roof to the left.  We used to have a television mounted on this wall hence the plug but since the addition of a formal lounge I don’t feel the need for one here, however the plug remains… and gets used an awful lot for device charging – perfect spot to browse online!

I really need to invest in a decent camera as my wall colour is not yellow but off white!


When creating a picture wall you can mix up your frame colours and types, personally I think the having them the same means the art is the focal point, however all black and one white would look great as a contrast. Generally art layout is up to the individual, however when located behind a piece of furniture it is better to finish at the same height off the ground, it is easier on the eye and lets your room work cohesively.


I have been coveting this Ollie Eksell print for a while. It was released in 1999 and is called Cacao Eyes (Eyes of Cocoa). The design was originally a logo designed for Mazetti, a Swedish chocolate manufacturer.  The hint of Chocolate makes it extra special don’t you think!


Of course I like nice things… so when I saw this gorgeous print I had to have it!


The G print part of the GREY series from Playtype is a popular choice for lovers of typography.  When you can taking your art wall down to around 40cm from your skirting board creates a great focal point.


And finally The Coffee Guide arrived all the way from Sealoe in Sweden to sit on my kitchen bench!  I chose a white frame to stand out against the black wall behind.  Of course we have some great black and white art in NZ as well which I have dotted about the place!

I do  have one more gorgeous print to hang, but await the finish of my bathroom and entrance makeover (starts Monday – I’ll keep you posted)

Read more about creating walls here and here and have a happy week x

PS.  Thank you Factory Frames

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