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Okay so I’m not a lover of yellow, except for a bowl of cheery lemons making its way from my tree to my scullery in the winter there is little yellow going on in My Little House!  I always think of Yellow as a summer colour but in essence why do you need yellow in the summer?  The sun is shining-a-plenty over the December to March period and adding more yellow is somewhat counter productive but in Winter… well a touch of yellow to brighten your gloomy days may just be the ticket!  And if you think about it that is when our trees become full of the brightest and juiciest lemons so maybe just maybe nature is trying to tell us something!

A feast of yellow accented interiors are below and I’ve put together a collection of yellow accessories that could make the transition into your little house and yes yellow is hot on trend for next season.


Well crosses are very hot right now and this would be a quick and easy uplift to those white walls over winter!


Oh yes! I can imagine that I would leave the house with a smile on my face every morning!


Yellow cupboards? Do you know they don’t offend me in the least – I guess the gorgeous subway tiling is my eye candy in this photo!


I love this! Who says all your windows have to match? Imagine a home with all white joinery and just one window with a special outlook gets a touch of yellow… sigh… if only I had wooden joinery to play around with!


Okay so just for the cautious a tiny titbit of yellow


And again, a wee touch of yellow to feast your eyes on; maybe a cushion in the same hue would help this yellow light find its anchor


I’m seeing a lot of this pineapple print about! I think this living space has just the right touches of yellow, and it is oh so perfect with grey!


A little yellow in this little space works wonders, otherwise in cool greys the yellow splash helps to warm it up


Eames are always perfect, no matter the colour


This cool kids cabinet looks great with a few open shelves and yellow as an accent on the rest.


Yellow with an accent of white!


Yellow floors! Delicious

OB-Mellow YellowWhat do you think?  Do you know its starting to grow on me!  Oh dear just when ‘he who likes to save money’ thought all the changes were done… we may be adding a touch of yellow!  Those ziporah bath towels might just be the thing for our bathroom makeover and strangely I find the pineapple quite appealing and the cushion well we all know how I feel about those!

All photos were found on Pinterest.  If you want to know where the yellow and grey accessories on my Friday Fossick moodboard can be found send me an email.

Click here to view more stunning accent colours and here if you want to find out more about ‘he who likes to save money’ 🙂




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