Boozy Birthday Fudge


There are some people in this world that will buy a block of chocolate, eat two squares and place the rest into the refrigerator.  Often these people wont go back for another couple of squares for days later.

I-am-not-that-person.  Sadly my husband is,  sadly I say because after he places the 98% full block into the fridge – I finish it for him.  Yes that is right I cannot leave that block alone until it is 100% gone.  A week or so later when he casually asks what happened to his chocolate I have to confess.  I’m not sure if this makes us a compatible match or not.

Anyway as today is my birthday I have made myself not a cake but a slab of this delicious, somewhat naughty Boozy Fudge.

1 Kg Icing Sugar
1 cup Kahlua (you may substitute for your favourite liquor)
1 Block of Whittakers 50% dark chocolate


Line a pan with baking paper or simply use a silicone one.

Melt the chocolate carefully using the microwave.  

While the chocolate is melting, place the icing sugar in a large bowl. Whisk the vodka into the sugar. The mixture will look like icing.

When the chocolate is melted, quickly pour it into the sugar and liquor mixture and stir very well. Scrape the chocolate, liquor and sugar mixture into the prepared baking pan. Spread evenly. If the fudge is too thick for the spatula, just use your hands to spread the fudge in the baking dish.

Sprinkle the sprinkles on top, using your hands to push them into the top of the fudge.

Let set at room temperature or in the refrigerator at least an hour. Cut into squares.

Boozy Birthday Fudge

Boozy Birthday Fudge

Boozy Birthday Fudge

Boozy Birthday Fudge

Voila.  Being my birthday there are at least more people to share it with than my 2-square-husband.

Recipe adapted from The Decorated Cookie

Photography and Styling by My Little House

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