Hydrate me


Our biggest enemy is often ourselves.

We know what we should be doing and sometimes we do it, other times we do the direct opposite and wonder why we don’t feel good.  I often sit at my desk and think about how thirsty I am but instead of drinking a glass of water I have a coffee, or worse.

Well let me tell you water is where its at.  The best advice I have heard via blogger Erin Loechner is that water is the cure for all.  If you are thirsty, drink water, if you feel tired, drink water, if you have a headache, drink water, if you feel hot drink water, if you feel cold drink warm water, if you are happy drink water and if you are sad drink water.  Just drink water!

Sometimes though, simple isn’t what comes to mind when we that is what we need and so I’ve taken to mixing up a jug or bottle, sometimes a decanter.  Add whatever takes your fancy; Lemon and Orange; Cucumber and Mint, Peach and Thyme, Blueberry and Rose, Rosemary and Lime.

fruit flavoured water

delicious water recipe

Sometimes I like plain water, other times I feel like a bit of fizz. The thing is when something is in sight and looks good we are more likely to partake in it.

Flavoured water

Flavoured water

I know, I know, our intentions are always good but it falls by the wayside, so the best advice I can give is once a week or so organise the fruit mixes with a squeeze of lemon juice into glad mini snap lock bags and pop them in the freezer.  Pull one out each morning, empty into your water vessel, add water and you are done – no need for adding ice.

You’re welcome!

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