My Tips for a Top Sleep


The older I get the more sleep eludes me.  What used to come naturally now seems to need preparation.  So I’ve done the research and I’ve tested the tips and here is what comes out on top.

#1.  The bedroom itself plays a role; though the aesthetics won’t help you sleep, if the environment pleases us it will encourage you to relax, there are also a few practical things you can do such as keeping the room dark using block out curtains or blinds.  The bed and bedding should be comfortable.  Linen sheeting helps us to stay asleep due to its ability to keep us warm or cool.

#2.  Bedtimes are not only for children, we all should have them, it depends on whether you are an early riser as to what time you set for yourself, but mostly aiming to be in bed by 10.30pm seems to work for me.

#3.  Caffeine is not only in Coffee, it’s also in Tea, it’s even in Green Tea, and for me it was a biggy for keeping me awake.  So after lunch its water or a herbal tea only, and after 8pm it is nothing at all.

#4.  Exercising, combined with a sensible diet, tends to help you feel less tired during the day while helping you to sleep deeper at night.  For most people morning exercise is best, for me it seems I can exercise in the afternoon or evening and still feel the benefits for sleeping.  Eating late at night is a big NO for me, I aim to have dinner by 6pm.

#5.  Sunlight controls our melatonin levels.  Melatonin helps us regulate our sleep/wake cycles.  I found simple a half hour outside, either combined with my exercise, gardening, or simply reading in the sunshine made a big difference to me.

#6.  Working from home can make it difficult to wind down in preparation for bedtime and sometimes it simply doesn’t happen, but when I can I log off as early as possible and prepare myself with simply emptying my mind and body of any stresses.  I find a few simple yoga stretches combined with some deep breaths adequate for me.  I’ve also taken to ‘taking 5’ during the day to rest and breathe.

#7.  Lavender is a wonderful tool for sleeping.  I use a spritz throughout the day and a plug in burner in the bedroom which I turn on in the day and off prior to going to bed.  Combine this with some fresh air.  I’ve always slept with my window open a crack, even in winter.

We are all different and what works for me may not work for you, but I encourage you to try them out and make your own list. When I sleep well in the night I literally jump out of bed in the morning, I smile more and get more done, thus encouraging another good nights sleep, than another and pretty soon I’m on a roll!

Top tips for a good nights sleep

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