Checkerboard Floors


Who remembers checkerboard floors?
Originally dating back to the 1500s they became popular in the 1930s when lino was beginning to take over other flooring options for kitchens, then the 50’s, responsible for what we call retro today, and again the 90s heralded a bit of a resurgence of this classic black and white design.
They always command respect and make you take notice, almost masculine in design they must have challenged the perception of who should be in the kitchen mid century.
checkerboard 3
checkerboard 1
checkerboard 4
checkerboard 2
So do they belong in a kitchen of today?  Absolutely, the classic black and white is elegant, it will sit happily along any other colour scheme and most of all they will never date, whether porcelain, vinyl or painted.
Do we have them at my little house?  We sure do, though they have made their debut on our workshop floor, just off the garage, because that classic black and white is also synonymous with the car racing world!
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