Chocolate Brownie Balls


I am no great baker, nor, have I decided, do I want to be.  No, that would just be far too tempting and there are enough temptations in life without adding another that ultimately no good is going to come from.  Agree?

Okay, then here is the recipe to end all recipes, its a pick me up, a sweet snack sensation without all the fuss and bother and without all the refined sugar; something to fuel you when you reach that mid afternoon too much to do, can’t think, so damn tired, just feed me anything, NOW… time of day.

1 Cup of Pitted Medjool Dates (check for pits as there are often a few rogue ones in your bag)

1/2 Cup of Cacao Powder

1/2 Cup Raw Almonds (you can use other nuts if you wish)

A little Salt

A little Water

Pile the dates, cacao and salt into your food processor.  Let it blend until those dates have broken down, add in the almonds (you want these to break up to small pieces).  Depending on your dates you will need to add a little water until it is all combined; (not too wet,not too dry).

Roll into balls then in coconut if you wish.  Refrigerate some ready for this week or double your ingredients and freeze some for next week.

You only need one or two (resist the urge to eat more, sugar is still sugar and too much is not good) with a glass of water or herbal tea to get that brain back on an even keel, and apparently even keep you regular!

Yes, even Kate Moss feels like this!

3pm fatigue at desk

chocolate brownie sugar free

chocolate brownie balls

Baking, Styling and Photography by My Little House

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